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The stuff that leads up to beta Thursday.

Apr. 12, 2010: I basically spent most of today just fixing little problems here and there that dealt with the Flowplayer video system. This Thursday Stevie has a web-based presentation to present a beta version of the site for the board of directors. I had little things to fix and then copied and pasted the needed code into a text file so we could copy and paste it into the proper spots. I’ll be able to finally move on.

Apr. 13, 2010: The first part of today I spent doing Javascript and PHP studying/implementing because Stevie was trying to finish the site for presentation purposes. I made a Javascript/JQuery header menu that when you hovered over a link, a blue and gradient version of the link slid over to where you were hovering. It would then slide back over to the default spot after you left the link. It was actually really cool:

This is the page when it opens.

When the user hovers over a link.

When the user hovers off the link.

The blue part goes back to the default of hovering over the Home link. The second half of my day I spent working with Stevie in trying to get the player properly embedded in the webpage. We still hadn’t gotten it to fully work correctly. Thursday is only a couple of days away.

Apr. 15, 2010: So today is the day. We spent the morning finishing up the video player embedding and at 1:00 pm, Stevie had his web presentation. Everything went fine and I spent the time working on PHP. I built a modest task management system. Nothing to exciting. Now, what’s next?