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How much spam will I get this week? Can my internet connection get any slower? These questions and more will be answered this week.

Apr. 19, 2010: So today was an exciting day filled with the studying of PHP and advanced CSS, as well as another departmental meeting. Apparently now the CMS may or may not be done in Drupal, but possibly in .net. I guess the main Realtor organization has there’s in that and we may have to go that same route. I will probably not be there by then. It’s one of those “We’ll do it by next year” things. The PHP studying was just on databases and more adding to and deleting from stuff. Nothing too exciting.

Apr. 20, 2010: My day was spent going through the WAHomeowners website and deleting all the references to the Home Buyer’s Tax Credit that ends next week. This meant delving into the Codeigniter framework. Apparently I made some mistakes, deleting pages that I thought had to do with it, but apparently not. Luckily, it was on my own local copy of the site. The rest of the day was spent trying to work with Drupal 7. It was a pain in the ass.

Apr. 22, 2010: My day? Well, I spent the morning correcting my mistakes of the Tuesday before. This meant reading almost every page on the website, trying to find all mention about the tax credit. Incredibly exciting. The second half of my day was spent having a mini meltdown about whether or not I was going to have anything to show at the end of the quarter or not, to Stevie. I had been trying to work with Drupal 7 again and was having a great issue with adding things to the backend and the database. It was being really pissy about what it wanted to upload and what it didn’t want to. I got really frustrated and vented to Stevie. I’m still a little worried, but I’m just going to work with Drupal 6 instead and try to pull something out of my ass in the next five weeks. All I can do is do what I can. Shit.