The Rampaging Sloth

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Tall Toad

Formed in 1989, Tall Toad came out of a belief that while having lofty goals their playing ability left a little to be desired. Hence a decision to play loud, and at times fast, was made to try and cover up that glaring fact. This came after hearing Mudhoney’s “Superfuzz Bigmuff” album one day in 1989. Scott and Mike had gone up to Positively Fourth Street (record store in Olympia, that sadly doesn’t exist anymore), where they hung out a lot, and looking through the vinyl Mike came across the album. At that point Scott reminded him that the band had Matt from the Melvins and a couple of guys from Green River in it. After the purchase, Scott dropped Mike off at his house and went home. Mike then proceeded to listen to the album twice before he called Scott up and told him to come back over. They then listened to the album another three times, with Scott remarking “Hey, I solo like that”. Not long after, Scott got a call from Tony saying he was back in town and had started to play drums. Scott told him they were starting a band and would he like to play drums. Tony said yes, he would. It was then that a legend was born.