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So this week has been an “out-of-sorts” seven days. I ended up getting sick around Tuesday/Wednesday and ended up not making it to class on Wednesday or the internship on Thursday. Hence, I’m doing another double post:

Jan. 26, 2010: Today Stevie and I finally started talking about the website. We won’t actually start mapping out the Drupal framework until the end of next week/beginning of next week, but we did discuss the “glossary of terms” page. The plan is to build a database with the current information, with a number id field that gets created automatically, a term field which is just what it implies, a definition field which holds the definition of the term, and a field for the letter corresponding to the term (alphabetical, obviously). The plan is the members can input a new term and definition in a form field, which will write the information to the database. It will then print it to the webpage along with the old terms/definitions. Then when a member clicks on a letter at the top, it will link to the database, look for the field with the corresponding letters, and then return all the terms/definitions that fall under that letter. It will be my first foray into an actual database and PHP code that has more than a few, simple lines to it. We’ll be starting this on Tuesday the 2nd of February.

Jan. 28, 2010: There’s nothing like being sick during a week of busy work. I thought that it might be a good idea to stay home from the office, where I could have infected lots of people (a tempting offer, if just to wield some power), so I could get some rest. I mainly studied Codeigniter, which is a PHP framework that we’ll be using for the entire website. I think I’m starting to fall for the idea of using these for sites. They are a great way to organize a large site, especially since there is a lot of information involved. Things could easily get out of hand and very confusing. It just makes sense to make your life as easy as possible so you can focus on the task at hand.

As far as a timeline goes, I’m hoping next week I’ll have a really good idea of what’s to come. Right now I can only project into the next couple of weeks. Apparently, since Legacy code was used in the “soon-to-be” old site, it needs to be completely rewritten since it’s no longer a supported format. This what Stevie has been doing lately. I think he wants to have me assist him in this venture. There’s nothing like trying to update one big thing while you are trying to update a bunch of small things in the midst of updating an entire project. Does that make any sense?