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So once again, I have not kept up on actually posting on the days I’m suppose to. So here are two more days:

Feb. 2, 2010: So today was a rather boring day. Stevie was still working on replacing the Legacy code with proper code. I spent most of the day reading up on Codeigniter and doing PHP exercises. We did get to talk about the database a little. He liked the database I created. A very slow day.

Feb. 4, 2010: Well, today was a little more productive than Tuesday. Stevie went home sick halfway through the day, so I took it upon myself to work on some PHP code for the database. Stevie told me to read the chapter on Admins in the Codeigniter book. This is what I’ve worked on for a week:

Here’s a shot of the webpage. Notice the letter anchor links. When a user clicks on one of them, all terms and definitions that start with that letter appear on the webpage.

Here’s a shot of the database. Notice the category i.e. letters. This is what the code will be looking for when somebody clicks the anchor link on the page.

Here’s a shot of the PHP code. This isn’t finished yet, but I think it’s close. This Tuesday I’ll show it to Stevie and we can discuss what needs to be finished on it. I’ll finish it some time this week.

The PHP code involves working with MVC framework (Model, View, Controller). I’ll explain this on my next post. Right now I’ve been on this computer most of the day working on the midterm. I need to get the hell off the computer. End communication.