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Back by popular demand, it’s four different posts. Give it up, ladies and gentlemen!

Mar. 16, 2010: I pretty much just spent the day trying to finish up the backend of the glossary portion of the site. It was basically a no-go for a lot of the day. So I decided to spend the rest of the day going over some PHP. It was a little slow. I eventually just posted a request for some help with the frontend of the site (mainly just to get the sections to appear, in the “view source” mode in the browser, in the proper spots) on the Codeigniter forum. Let’s hope.

Mar. 18, 2010: So I finally heard from somebody on my question. As it turns out, I was on the right track with an if statement within the second foreach loop in the view. The thing that I was missing was a colon after the start of the if statement (where the first curly bracket would be) and a closing endif statement (where the last curly bracket would be). It makes sense. The foreach loop was going through every Term/Definition and printing them for each gl_category. The colon and endif keeps the if statement from going through each Term/Definition, whether it relates to the category or not. Just for the proper category. The rest of the day was a bust, though. Just more PHP.

Mar. 23, 2010: So today I started off trying to get the last part (for me, Stevie needs to correct the JQuery for the frontend) that writes the cat_id to the database from the backend. It didn’t go well. I gave up after a while and took Stevie’s advice to study up on CSS. I’m a little behind on it, since I haven’t kept up on it in a few years. I jumped a little ahead and started working with CSS3. There is some pretty incredible shit that can be done with CSS3. Box shadow, rounded corners, gradients and more. Of course, IE doesn’t recognize most of it. It was a good day.

Mar. 25, 2010: So today was just more CSS study. I spent time on the Box Model and just working with some more CSS in general. Stevie suggested I get the Stylin’ With CSS book by Charles Wyke-Smith. Next week I should have a definitive timeline to put up. I know that in a few weeks, they want to have a beta version of the site ready because they have a conference and want to do a presentation for all the members. Then, a couple of weeks after, we’ll be jumping into the Drupal pool. It should get really interesting then. You’ll be hearing from me.