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I’m Mike Longmire

This blog started life off as a way for me to write about dealing with my designing and setting up a Content Management System (CMS) for the Washington State Association of Realtors, as well as helping to redesign their website. It also included numerous ramblings about things that had nothing to do with the project. It since has evolved into a way for me to show a working portfolio, as well as songs and video that I’ve written/shot and am presenting for the sake of my own ego. Oh yeah, and like so many damn people I know and don’t know, a blog.

The main troublemaker is Mike Longmire (that’s me). I’m a freelance Web Developer, for lack of a better term. I also like to believe I’m a competent musician and photographer. At least imaginative. I suppose I’m actually the only idiot associated with this blog. Or train wreck. Or wanky written prose.

Mike Longmire

Some crap I’ve worked on

These are some of the websites I've worked on. Some are still going out there somewhere, in the fiber optic land, and some may or may not still be alive on the interwebs, roaming around like buffalo, all big and stuff. So there. You've been warned.

Vic's Pizzeria

Vic's Pizzeria is located in Olympia WA and does things.


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The Athena Group

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Mixx96 Deals
Site built using Ruby on Rails.

I Am Something – Photography

I love photography. Whether it’s color or black and white, digital or analog, I find it all fascinating. Having gotten into it while I was in college, I began taking as many classes as I could. I started off with black and white film. I learned how to shoot; framing my picture so I wouldn’t have to crop as much while developing, balancing the photo so that lines hit the corners or are level with the sides of the lens, finding that happy medium between light/dark/contrast, etc. And to develop my own film! I moved on to experimental photography. Using whatever came to mind to create photos you don’t see everyday.

Some of my final courses were in color photography, where I took courses on documentary photography (basically documenting things around you and telling some kind of story with them), digital photography and color photography using film. I’ve kept up with shooting as many pictures as possible when I do and getting interesting shots. Feel free to have a look.

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No, I Am Something – Audio

I’ve been playing music for almost twenty-nine years. Whether it’s heavy, quiet, fast or slow, music was my first love. Starting off with my first band, Tall Toad and then my own solo stuff afterwards. I’ve also played on other artists songs/albums, doing whatever was asked of me. The songs I’ve posted on my audio page are primarily Tall Toad songs that I wrote and some of my solo recordings under the bands The Rampaging Sloth, The Von Furs, The Metrones and maybe a couple more.

Below is a sample of one of the songs from the Audio page. Feel free to give some or all of them a listen and leave a comment about what you think.

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Yeah, Whatever – Video

For the longest time I’ve loved movies and wished I could make them. Now I’ve made some short films and wish I knew how to make them properly. I have a working knowledge of the process and these films represent that experimentation, but there is so much more that I could learn and master. I actually don’t claim to be a real cinematographer, but just somebody who likes to try out new mediums sometimes. Hence I have shared these little glimpses into my psyche, as scary as that can be. Enjoy them and always remember to keep looking up, because you may run into something if you don’t.

Le Chat Domestique

“Le Chat Domestique”

Running Time: 5:09
Released: 2008

I’m Here, Alright – Blog

A blog, in this day and age?! Everybody you and I know has one, but how often do we read them? I don’t expect to become one of those people with thousands of subscribers, but it’s always good to jot down witticisms and criticisms from time-to-time. This blog started out as a way to track my college projects for class, but blossomed into this monster of the written word that stands before your mouse or trackpad. Read them or not, it’s completely up to you, but if you do you may find that they contain something. Maybe even words.

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